OnSite Calibration

OnSite Calibration

Oakrange has provided a professional OnSite Calibration service to the automotive industry for over 40 years. Above all, we pride ourselves on the high standard of calibration testing that we carry out. This ensures that our customers pass their dealer standard audits first time, every time, as well as providing value for money, knowing each tool is calibrated correctly.


Our Onsite Calibration service includes:

  • We provide on your first visit a hardback calibration file,
    which we update on every onsite calibration visit.
  • Also, to ensure all tools are relevant to British Standards, we calibrate every tool effectively and accurately.
  • We can carry out any adjustments together with repairs on site.
  • We have a good knowledge of  VAG, Mercedes, dealer standards.
  • All your certificates after every visit are upload to our 24hr online portal.
  • Fully trained engineers, as well as copies of our equipment UKAS certificates, are provided.
  • Copies of our quality certificate to ISO9001: 2015 are provided.
  • We pride ourselves on always being there to help our customers.

We calibrate all makes of equipment including:
oil dispensers, floor bays, wheel alignment and also wheel balancing equipment.
VAS 6356, VAS 6558A, Bodyshops (PAS125),


One of the best Car Dealer Onsite Calibration Company in the UK. We have provided automotive calibration for over 40 years.

The minimum requirement for each site is the calibration of torque wrenches and tyre inflators. Accurate and regular testing of these tools is vital since it is these two items that can ultimately affect a customer’s vehicle safety.

Our engineer on each visit will update your system and also work alongside each Service Manager to make sure all the required tools are calibrated.

Furthermore, our onsite calibration service is audited every year under ISO 9001 quality standards By IPAS independent quality auditors.

We can also provide you with the calibrated equipment you require, call us on 01709542334.

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