Onsite Calibration and Site Electrical Services

Workshop Services include:                               Site Electrical Services include:

Onsite calibration                                                    Fixed wire electrical testing   
VAS Diagnostic testing                                           Fire Alarm Testing
Loler testing                                                             Emergency lights testing
Vibration testing of air tools                                   Pat Testing
Exhaust Extraction testing                                     Smoke detector testing             
Noise testing                                                            Fire Risk Assessments
Online tools and equipment                                 LED lighting Supply and Fit
Certification held online                                        Electric Car charging points instalation

Oakrange has been comitted to the automotive industry for over 30 years.
We offer a facilities service for your automotive site, dealing with
two main areas, your workshop and your site.

Whether you are an existing client or a prospective customer looking around – enjoy your browse around the Oakrange website. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your onsite requirements, we are always here to help.

You can now organise your onsite calibration, your site electrical testing and shop for much needed garage equipment, tools and consumables in the Online Trade Shop.
Our greatest drive is not to just merely provide products and onsite calibration services but to extend our portfolio by listening to the needs of our clients and offer excellent technical support and the additional services they require backed up by the quality our company always provides.

We are always working for continual improvement for our clients. All of our clients have access to the secure online customer portal where all certification and Health & Safety documentation can be viewed, downloaded and printed 24/7.

It is this customer-focused dedication, which ensures we maintain our high reputation and our excellent service standards to you.